The Sajuka School system needs your help in any way possible. Your kind and generous donations will help these school children attend school. If you are interested in helping, please fill out the form below. We thank you for helping make a difference in the lives of Gambian Children

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The sponsorship programme is administered by the school administration and the committee of the school in close consultation with the parents. It works in close collaboration with its overseas coordinating groups or partners in managing the sponsorship programme.

The committee receives proposals from the school administration a list of children and students identified as those whose parents or guardians cannot ordinarily afford the basic cost of childhood education and whose living standards are quite low.

In selecting children, equal opportunities are given to both girls and boys. The particulars of the child, parent the family and other details i.e. child’s photographs (two) should be clearly indicated in the prescribed application form for sponsorship and a priority list of those children in most need. These forms are compiled and then submitted to potential sponsors.

To protect both the sponsor and the sponsored, all correspondences between the sponsor and the school or between the sponsor and the child or his or her parents shall be done through the school official address.

The sponsorship of a child shall include: tuition fees, daily school lunch contribution, development fund, uniforms, shoes and shocks, books, school materials, playing equipment and materials, subscriptions for parties and other costs related to the child’s education. The cost of sponsorship is subject to review every two years.

Monies receive for and on behalf of the Nursery School shall be deposited in the school sponsorship account with the standard chartered bank like wise the Primary school and the Skills training centre all of whom have their own account with the same bank and disbursed as and when required. Any other monies apart from those mentioned above or gifts meant specifically for the child, shall be recorded by the school and duly signed and receive by the child’s parents or guardian.

For the purpose of continuity, the sponsor shall pledge to continue sponsoring a child at his or her own will. It is desirable for the sponsors to be long term i.e.

The sponsors can continue to sponsor a child from the nursery level to the primary level. The sponsorship becomes effective only when the child is attending the school and such sponsorship shall be passed on to the next child on the priority list.

The school committee and the administration shall submit to the sponsor an annual progress report on the child’s performance and a yearly financial statement of the funds used on the child’s education. Sponsors are encouraged to enquire about the child and where possible visit the school or the child’s home at anytime suitable to him or her.


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